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Unedited Comments About Our E-book and Newsletter...

"Loved the E-book! Great drills and diagrams that really help to get the whole picture."
-Dan Licamara

"I printed your book and really like it! I coach middle school girls...they seem to love the drills! Thanks!"

"Keep up the good work! "

"Wow... it sure will be a help - and all in one place!! thanks for the opportunity to use it with my middle schoolers. Looks great. Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian)."
-Myrna-Lyn Abang

"When i got the drill i was happy and i gave it to my national team coach and he love's it. Thank you for your help."
-Abel From Ethiopia

"Thank you, Mr Haefner for your consultation on issues I've had with my teams this year, you've been very helpful in many ways, your help has made me a better coach and how to put what I expect of my teams in prospective base on age, skills, and there ability and to just have fun and enjoy the game at this age. Thank you sir keep up the good work were closing out the season, we're 3 and 4 with two games left and I've had a great ball season. Thanks again."
-Coach Branch

"my profound gratitude for sending me a free ebook of basketball drills. im looking forward that this drill increases the competents of my players.. thank you and more power! God Bless."

"Hi Joe: I received my eBook, thank you very much. Itīs very interesting, it will help me in my process coaching young players.Thanks a lot, again."
-John Rivera

"Hello Joe, First of all I want to say thank you for the Basketball drill booklet. I am extremely excited about the drill booklet and plan on sharing it with the rest of my coaches. Thank god for you."

"This Basket ball book is beyond great. It has provided me with more than what I was looking for and I have already printed it and using it with my team. Getting great results. Thanks again,"

"Thank you joe for your mail n winning drill.after i use your drill my college be the winner at basketball championship in my town,semarang city indonesian. i hope you will sent me again a lot of tips or drill about the way thank for everything.God bless you"
-David Ricardo

I want to thankyou so much for the winning basketball drills. Two of us mothers are coaching the 5th grade boys basketball team and have been really struggling with getting them to understand what we want them to do and having good drills to work them. This really helps. Thank you,"
-Kathy Farrier

"Thanks for the great drills & plays. I have used many of them and my team has more confidence than ever before!"

"Dear Joe. Thanks a millio as this will make my dream come true as a coach. I have a dream that that will transform Africa baketeball. All that hampers the dream are finances. nevertheless this is a good starting point."

"thank you soooo much!! =D i have actually gotten better since i tried these!"

"Thanks I'm sure it will help our 6 yo olds develop!

-J. Lipsky

"I am receiving emails from you for drills and plays. I coach 4,5,6 graders in the school district. These drills are really helpful for beginners. I see the difference after a few weeks of doing the ball handling drills. Being a parent coaching a team has helped me out teaching and enjoying the excitement of seeing the team play together. Thank you so much."
-Ken Dzadovsky

"I can't thank you enough for this information. I'm a new, volunteer, youth basketball coach (3rd & 4th graders) and this has been most helpful! Thank you!!"
-Tom Baudendistel

"The eBook is awesome. I teach K-5 elementary PE and I'm using the drills for my olders students. Thanks again for making the book available to download and print. I put mine in a 3 ring binder like you recommended. "
-Jan Tidwell, Lovejoy PE

"I will be using a few of the things in your e-Book this evening for our first practice. I do appreciate the info in the book very much."
-Doug Thomas

"Just wanted to share this with you. I've been coaching basketball off and on for over 15 years. It has been about 3 years since my last coaching gig. For some reason I thought lots of drills and plays would miraculously come back to me. Some did...alot didn't. Anyhow, I was in a jam and new that I needed some real help Fast. Parents & league officials were going to be busting my butt if I didn't bring the goods! I went on google keyed in "free girls basketball drills" and voila there you were! Within minutes I had some great drills and instruction. (Easy to follow samples). Needless to say we had a great practice. Your ebook made me look like a pro!"
-Many Thanks, Fee Gentry

"Thank you so much for your message. Obviously it's an incridible and helpful book specially for coaches who are in the begining of their coaching career."
-Mohamed Hammad

"Thank you for the e-book on basketball drills. I used some of the drills in our practice today, coaching a team of 5th and 6th grade girls."
-Jeff Estridge

"I am very happy with the book, I'd also like to see a playbook for beginner youth. If you have something like that I'd love to see it."
-Thanks, Kyle

"I`m really enjoying this book for my girls and my under 16 boys! It helped me a lot so far!"

"…the eBook looks very good, I'm new to coaching youth basketball so there is a big learning curve for me."

"Your Winning Basketball Drills eBook appears to be very well done. Do you have any suggestions for individual practice?"
-Thanks! Mark

"I ejoyed reading the ebook very much, it is of use to me. thank you so much."

"Thank you! The drills are great. I'm not too bad at being a "practice coach", but my weakness is on the bench. I don't see things very well from a strategic point of view."
-Tom Hudson

"Thank you this helpful information that I needed to assist my 1st grade basktetball team. This is my first year as a coach. If you do have any fundemental infomation if would be great? I did put the drill book into a 3 ring binder."
-Kevin P. Segalla

"Thanks for all the drills I was able to download. I`am coaching my daughters age group 11 & 12 years old, our rules are man on man with 1/2 court before attacking. We practise 1/2 hour and then scrimmage for the other 1/2 hour. Do you have any kids drill for using only 1/2 the gym? "
-Thanks Paul

"thanks for the drills. I found them very useful."

"Good stuff- Looks like you perfected it, thanks again,"

"The drill book was an excallent tool and is making my practice session very interesting ans skill focus."
-Paul Ellis

"Thank you so much I need all the help I can get with my group of 8th grade girls and from what I have seen this material will be very helpful again Thank You So Much !"
-Bill Knutzen

"I am going to implement many of the drills in my practice plans. Good stuff!!"

"The book seems interesting. After we win the championship, we'll let you know how it worked."
-Ed R. matt. 6:33

"Thanks a ton for the ebook! It is incredibly helpful and the diagrams in the book make for easy understanding."
-Andy Anderson

"Thanks so much for the drills. I've played basketball most of my life and could never remember how I learned. These drills keep it fun and most of all reinforce fundamentals. I look forward to implementing them in my practices."

"The book is awesome! Thanks So Much!!"

"The ebook is very helpful. I have only recently become a coach and this book covers all aspects of the game. I have ran several training sessions using the drills. Plenty of drills can be found on ball handling and offence, but this book has interesting and effective drills on defense. Thanks for making this information freely available."

"Thanks, I have used some of the drills already and it is very helpfull. I have printed and binded it too as you sugested. I hope it to be a good resource. "
-Brian Bennett

"I have enjoyed the booklet of information. It has some extremely valuable information and ideas in it. Thank you very much for the opportunity to use the information."

"Thank you for the e-book, I'm looking forward to using some of the drills when basketball season starts in 2 weeks. Great information on how to download the e-book also."
-Al Dunning, Charlie Killam School Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

"The book is helpful. It has a good assortment of fundamental drills and suggestions."
-William J. Neppl

"The book was very informative. I coach a team of children 12 and under. I was really impressed."

"So far it is proving to be a great tool for practice!"
-Harley Spinks

"Many thanks for the drills they are really helpful cant wait to put them in practice.once again many thanks."

"Thank you for the free basketball drills ebook."

"Thanks for the book. I will use the content to train highschool players in order to send them for USA Colleges."
-Cavit Altunay

"Thanks Joe. I appreciate it. It should help us.
-Dorest, Leonardo F

"These drills are great and I will use them a lot for my youth boys basketball organization."
"Integrity in all things"
In Christ name,
-Bill Turner

"Thank you very much. It will be a valuable tool for me as a coach to use for our 3rd & 4th grade team. Very informative and great drills!"

"Many thanks for the Drills eBook. It was exactly what I was looking for."
-Jenny Bishop

"I thought your ebook baskteball drills was a very useful tool. I used some drills for my next training. Thank you."

"Excellent diagrams! "
-Ariel Rabe

"The ebook is excellent. the drills are most helpful and I have forwarded this info. on to others in my coaching circle. tx a lot! "

"I enjoyed the drills they were very good."
-Traian Costovschi

"I love it. When is the next volume going to be available."
-Gary Murtagh

"Thank you. I did enjoy the ebook. I was just wondering how do I find out about different plays? "
-Lydia Richardson

"The book is GREAT!!! Thanks, I am coaching third and fourth graders and the drills are way more interesting than just "bouncing a ball up and down the court". Thanks again."

"Thanks for the drills. Being a player for many years doesn't mean you remember all of the aspects of the game and more importantly, the drills you used to learn them. haha. Thanks for the help for my first year of coaching a 6th grade girls traveling team. We haven't had our first game yet so I don't know how it's going, but the drills are easy to understand and helping me out!"
-Lori Sapp

"This will be an added help throughout the year. It is just what I was looking for."
-James Bohannon

"Many Many THANKS !!!""
-Montgomery, William R

"The e book was exactly what I was looking for. I am an intern at a YMCA in the Chattanooga, TN area and one of my assignments was to figure out some drills we could use for our upcoming youth basketball camp. I've played b ball my whole life but I have never designed a camp. My supervisor was very pleased when I handed him this packet. Don't worry, I didn't take all the credit. I told him about the website and how he could acquire the same information. Thanks a lot! "
-Derwin Travis Osborne

"Great Job guys, this book will very helpful to my program!!! Thanks "
-Coach Percey, Head Coach Wayne Hills Girls Basketball

"Thanks for the book. A great resource."

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