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Here are a Few Sample Elementary Basketball Drills and Some Tips to Follow When Using the Drills

Elementary Basketball Drill #1 - Dribble Drive

Drill Purpose

This drill is designed to teach players how to make moves to shake off defenders and keep their dribble under control.


  1. Players will all line up where the sideline and baseline meet. All of the players will have a basketball.

  2. On the whistle, the first player in line will dribble up to a cone that is set up and make a move of their choice (behind the back, between the legs, crossover, spin move) and move on to the next cone.

  3. As soon as the first player passes the first cone, the next player will begin. This process will continue until everyone is finished.

  4. Two more cones will be set up at various points on the court, and different dribble moves of the player's choice will be executed at each cone.

  5. When the player reaches the opposite baseline, they will sprint to the other end and make a lay-up and go to the back of the line.


4K)Dribble Drive1
Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Mix up the dribble moves you do at each cone.
  • Keep the ball under control!
  • Shoot the lay-up with the correct hand (left side = left hand).
  • Keep your head up and don't look at the ball.
  • Keep your knees bent (don't stand upright) when making your move.
Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - Make your players perform this drill with their right hand and left hand, emphasizing the hand in which the player has the least confidence.

Tip #2 - sing a stationary defender instead of cones is always an option. If you want, have the defender challenge the dribbler a little bit, instructing them to take a swipe at the ball as the player goes by.

Tip #3 - Make sure your players are keeping their dribble below their waist at all times. If the players start dribbling the ball too high, it becomes much easier for a defender to steal the ball.

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