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"FREE Basketball Dribbling & Ball Handling Drills"

Basketball Dribbling Drill #1 - Dribble Mania

Drill Purpose

This drill is designed to teach players how to elude defenders with the dribble, creating opportunities to score on the offensive end while at the same time protecting the ball.

  1. The first player in line will start out with a basketball in hand, dribble to triangle 1 on the diagram, and execute a crossover dribble. The crossover should go from the right hand to the left hand, and should be kept as low to the ground as possible. The player will repeat the drill at position 2.

  2. At position 3, the player will execute a spin move, crossing the ball over from their right hand to left hand in the process. The player should end up facing the opposite sideline when the move is completed.

  3. At position 4, the player will execute a hesitation dribble, pretending that there is a double team on the player coming. After slowing down and backing up just a bit, the player will then crossover and blow by the double team.

  4. At position 5, the player will execute a between-the-legs dribble and then a low crossover. At the end of position 5, the ball will be in the same hand it was in when the player arrived at position 5.

  5. The player will continue dribbling until location 6, where he/she will execute a behind the back dribble from the right hand to the left hand and head towards the basket.

  6. With the ball still in the player's left hand, the player will make another crossover dribble at position 8, and continue on to the basket and make a right handed lay-up off one leg, or a power lay up off two legs.


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Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...
  • Look up while dribbling... Don't look at the ball!
  • Always protect the ball with your free hand.
  • Stay low and keep your knees bent so you can explode past the imaginary defender. (Staying low helps improve your quickness.)
  • Strive to go at full game speed. But at first go at a pace that is comfortable for you - with time, you will get better.
  • Make sure you are not palming the ball.
  • Imagine a defender in front of you at every station.
Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - Run this drill from the opposite side of the court as well so both hands are strong when it comes to dribbling.

Tip #2 - Many variations of this drill can be created. If this is too much for your kids to remember, take a couple steps out. If this drill gets too easy for your players, add a couple more stations, possibly a real defender at a given station, etc.

Tip #3 - Being a good dribbler can create great team scoring opportunities. If your players can understand the benefit of good ball handling, they will perform the drill with more vigor, and better results will be obtained.

Basketball Dribbling Drill #2 - Gauntlet

Drill Purpose

This drill is will help players develop great ball-handling skills while running down the court.

  1. Players will be divided up into two teams. One team, the offense, will line up close to the baseline-sideline intersection. The other team, the defense, will line up in 15-20 foot intervals all the way to the opposite baseline.

  2. On the whistle, the first player in line will dribble up to the first defender and make a move of their choice (behind the back, between the legs, crossover, spin move) and move on to the next defender.

  3. The defender will try to take a swipe at the ball and try to knock it away from the offensive player. The defender is stationary, so this will be the only defense that is allowed of this player.

  4. As soon as the first player gets past the first defender, the next player in line will begin.

  5. When the player reaches the opposite baseline, they will sprint to the other end and make a lay up and go to the back of the line.

   gauntlet (4K)
Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Mix up the dribble moves you do at each defender.
  • Keep the ball under control!
  • Dribble with the correct hand (if you are on the left side of a defender, dribble with the left hand).
  • Shoot the lay-up with the correct hand (left side = left hand).
Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - Make your players perform this drill with their right hand and left hand.

Tip #2 - Remind your defenders to remain stationary, because these players will have a tendency to get a little more aggressive in their pursuit of the ball than they should.

Tip #3 - Make sure your players are keeping their dribble low at all times. If the players start dribbling the ball too high, it becomes much easier for a defender to steal the ball.

Tip #4 - If you have younger or lesser developed players, they should only perform a couple dribble moves. You could start out with crossovers and spin-moves.

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