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Here are a Few Sample High School Basketball Drills and Some Tips to Follow When Using the Drills

High School Basketball Drill #1 - Two Man Break

Drill Purpose

This is a fast paced drill that will get players used to sprinting up the floor, passing on the run, and hitting jump shots when running the floor hard. Duke runs this drill to improve their transition game.

  1. Divide your squad into two teams. Put one team on one baseline, the other on the opposite baseline.

  2. Have the front player in line go out to the wing, and have the next player in line grab a basketball.

  3. The player with the ball will pass the ball to the wing player and will sprint to the other end of the court.

  4. The wing player will dribble to the middle of the court and fire a pass to the sprinting inbounder. The inbounder will then take a quick three pointer from the wing.

  5. This drill will be running on both sides of the court, and will continue until the coach feels it necessary to move on.

   4K)Two Man Fastbreak1
Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Get the shot off quickly, without sacrificing good form.
  • SPRINT down the court!!
  • Make a good pass to the shooter.
  • Control your forward momentum - go straight up with the jump shot.
Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - The younger the player, the closer to the basket they should be when taking the jump shot. Remember, good shooting form is much more important than the distance the kids can shoot from.

High School Basketball Drill #2 - Above Ground

Drill Purpose

This drill will improve conditioning, passing on the run (fast break), and shooting of the break. It's also aimed at giving the team a sense of accomplishment by working together to score a set amount of points without allowing the ball to hit the floor.


  1. Divide your squad into three lines along the same baseline. Every player in the middle line will have a basketball.

  2. On the whistle, the first player in each line will begin running down the court, passing the ball between each other.

  3. When the players reach the other end, one of the players will take a jump shot (not a lay up). If they makes it, they get two or three points, depending on where the shot was taken.

  4. If the player misses the jump shot, the ball is NOT allowed to touch the floor, otherwise the team's score resets to zero.

  5. If the ball does not touch the ground, the teammate who rebounded the ball can put the ball back and earn one point for the team.

  6. This group stays at this end and waits for the other groups to complete the drill. Then, the drill will repeat going down to the other end.

   4K)Above Ground1
Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Set their feet before taking the jump shot.
  • Make crisp, catchable passes.
  • Keep the ball from hitting the ground!
  • Get in good rebounding position.
Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - This drill is a great way to end practice, but it can be a discouraging way to end practice if you set the amount of points required too high. Set a reasonable goal for these players initially, and once they get better, then raise the stakes.

Tip #2 - After the players have run down the court, have them rotate to the right, so everybody runs the drill form a different spot.

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