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Here are a Few Sample Basketball Shooting Drills and Some Tips to Follow When Using the Drills

Basketball Shooting Drill #1 - Half Moon

Drill Purpose

This is a fun drill that does it all -- it teaches players how to catch and shoot, follow their shot, slide out to a shooter, and make good passes.

  1. Divide your squad into two teams. Scatter your players around the three point line on each end of the court.

  2. Give the ball to one player in the corner (on each end of the court).

  3. On the whistle, the player on each side of the court that has the ball will take a shot. They will follow their shot and pass it to the next player.

  4. The first shooter will then slide out and put token pressure on the new shooter.

  5. This process will continue until one team reaches a set number of baskets and is declared the winner.

   half-moon-shooting-drill1 (4K)
half-moon-shooting-drill2 (4K)

Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Get the shot off quickly by getting prepared before you catch the ball (make sure your knees are bent and feet are square to the basket before catching the ball).
  • Refrain from sacrificing good shooting form for taking a quick shot.
  • Go straight up with the jump shot - don't start going after the rebound before the ball leaves their hand!
  • Focus on jumping straight up and down.
Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - It is very important to make sure your players are always using good basketball shooting form and technique. Continually watch them and immediately fix any problems! Feet should be square to the basket, knees bent on the catch, follow through, and so on.

Tip #2 - Make sure you players jump straight up and land exactly from the point they jumped. It makes the player's shot difficult to block. If you find the players lunging forward or not landing where they first jumped, tell them they can not cross the 3-point line until the ball hits the rim.

Tip #3 - After the first game, have the players switch sides of the court.

Tip #4 - Make it a best of 3 or 5 series to add extra intensity to the drill. Make it more competitive by rewarding the winner.

Basketball Shooting Drill #2 - Fast Break Shooting

Drill Purpose

This drill will help teach players to quickly run down the court on transition and improve their ability to make transition jump shots under control.


  1. Align your players as shown in the diagram. All the corner players should have a ball as well as the player at the free throw line.

  2. The drill starts with the players in the top corners passing the ball to the players at the elbow closest to them.

  3. The two players that just received the ball and the player that is at the free throw line will all take a jump shot. They will then get their own rebound.

  4. The player initially at the free throw line will give an outlet pass to one of the corner players and then run behind that player. The player that received the pass will then dribble to the middle of the court and head to the opposite end.

  5. These two players, along with the other corner, will sprint down to the other end of the court. The two players running down on the wing that don't have a ball will receive a pass from the two players in the corner that haven't been a part of the drill yet.

  6. All three of these players will now take a jump shot.

  7. The drill will continue with this sequence until the coach feels it necessary to move on.

   Seven men1 (5K)
Seven men2 (5K)
Seven men2 (5K)

Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...
  • Go straight up with the jump shot - don't let their momentum carry them forward during the shot itself.
  • Work on getting the shot off quickly without ruining their form.
  • Extend their dribble so they can run down the court just as fast as the players on the wing.
Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - When running basketball shooting drills, be sure to incorporate game like movements that players will see in the game. If your #2 wing player is supposed fill the left lane, get them a few extra reps on that side of the floor. You could even have him pretend to come off a screen to mimic a shot off your secondary break.

Tip #2 - Make sure the players are going full speed. By being able to knock down jump shots off the fast break, your players will make a defender's head spin because he won't know whether to protect the basket from a lay-up or fly out at the shooter.

Tip #2 - You can assign the middle shooter to pass the ball to one specific corner, but it may be best to keep the element of surprise in the drill. Have the middle shooter randomly pass the ball to either corner.

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