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Here are a Few Sample Basketball Defense Drills and Some Tips to Follow When Using the Drills

Basketball Defensive Drill #1 - Fresno Drill

Drill Purpose

This drill is fantastic with the fundamentals for on-ball basketball defense and communication.

  1. The players will spread across the court (enough space so they can slide). The players will want to be facing you. You (Coach) want to be positioned underneath a goal. So, there is plenty of room for the players to slide down the court.

  2. The Coach (You) will want to have a ball.

  3. The Coach slaps the ball.

  4. Players will yell, "Ball."

  5. Coach dribbles the ball with his right-hand. At a 45% angle towards the players.

  6. The players do a defensive drop-step with their left foot and slide to their left with the Coach as if they were guarding him.

  7. Coach crosses over to his left-hand.

  8. Players do a defensive drop-step with their right foot and slide to their right.

  9. Coach picks up the ball.

  10. Players jump-forward and yell "dead, dead" "ball, ball." Choose whatever you feel is appropriate.

  11. Coach takes a step towards the players.

  12. Players yell "UHHHH!" and fall backwards as if they took a charge.

  13. Repeat the drill a few more times.

   4K)Fresno Drill1
(4K)Fresno Drill2

Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Make sure that the players are yelling "Ball" and "Dead, Dead," etc. This is practiced for game-like situations when the crowd is noisy and they need their teammates to hear them.
  • Make sure they are also using the proper defensive technique.

Motivation / Teaching Tips

You could tell them that major college basketball programs and pro teams still practice this drill.


  • Before Step 3, you could have the players start out with a foot-fire (while in a defensive stance, moving their feet as quickly as possible while on their fronts of their feet)
  • Also, when you pick up your dribble, the players could shield or mirror the ball with their hands. (ex: If you have the ball on your right-side, the player should have his right-hand straight up, and his left-hand shielding the ball).

Basketball Defense Drill #2 - Complete Man to Man

Drill Purpose

This drill will help players develop good defensive habits so they're always in the right position for almost any situation they will encounter on man to man defense.


  1. You will put your players in many different situations in this drill. You should spend a few seconds for each situation to make sure the defender is in the proper position. The first situation will be defending the passing lane and helping out with penetration, shown in diagram 1.

  2. Next, the wing offensive player will go down to the post as the point guard dribbles to the wing, and the defender can work on post defense, as shown in diagram 2.

  3. The offensive player will then rotate to the other wing, and the defender can work on seeing his/her player and the ball. The ball handler will then throw a skip pass to the offensive player and the defensive player will close out and defend the ball.

  4. Finally, the offensive player will pass the ball back to the point guard from the wing, and will make a flash cut to the middle. The defender will deny the pass. This is diagram 4.

   4K)Complete Man to Man1
(4K)Complete Man to Man2
(4K)Complete Man to Man3
(4K)Complete Man to Man4

Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • See their player and the ball at all times.
  • Get a hand in the passing lane if only one pass away.
  • Maintain a good defensive position with knees bent.
  • Make sure the defensive player is always in the right position!

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - This is a great skeleton drill for your players, but the real test is how they handle these situations when there are more than just three players on the court.

Tip #2 - Make sure to have the person handling the ball to fake penetration a few times, so you can determine that the defensive player is watching the player he is guarding and the person who has the ball

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