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Here are a Few Sample Youth Basketball Drills and Some Tips to Follow When Using the Drills

Youth Basketball Drill #1 - Partner Dribble, Jump Stop, Pivot, Pass

Drill Purpose

This is one of the best youth basketball fundamental drills around. It's great, because the player can get many repetitions in a short amount of time and they work on many of the most important basketball fundamentals at once: dribbling, passing, pivoting, ball swings, jump-stops, and the triple threat. If done correctly, it can also improve their explosiveness tremendously.


  1. Player starts out with ball on baseline with partner facing him in a good defensive stance.

  2. Player takes two to three explosive dribbles with either hand.

  3. Player comes to a Jump-stop. (Over exaggerate Jump-stop)

  4. Pivots 180 degrees. As he pivots, he should swing the ball into a triple threat position while leading with his elbow (this is referred to as a ball swing). This will keep the defensive players from smothering the offensive player.

  5. Next, he should throw a crisp pass to his partner.

  6. Next, the player should sprint and follow his pass and get in a good defensive stance as if he were guarding his partner.

  7. Next player repeats the process

   4K)All-around dribble,pass, pivot1
(4K)All-around dribble,pass, pivot2
(4K)All-around dribble,pass, pivot3

Points of Emphasis

  • The players first step should be long and explosive past the defender. (Focus on long, explosive strides for every step)

  • If he's dribbling with his right-hand, his first stride should be with his left foot. (Left hand - right foot)

  • Player should explode by defender shoulder-to-shoulder. This makes it much more difficult for the defender to recover on defense.

  • Make sure player takes two to three hard dribbles fast and under control.

  • The jump stop should be exaggerated.

  • Make sure keeps good balance while performing this drill and pivots into a good triple-threat position before passing.

  • Most importantly, everything should be quick and crisp. The player should appear as if he is on the attack at all times.

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - If the player loses balance, travels, or loses the ball - make them start over.

Tip #2 - Have them do 5 repetitions with each hand.

Tip #3 - Instead of trying to have them perform all the pivots during this drill. You dedicate one practice to front pivots and another day to reverse pivots. If you have enough time, you could perform both front and reverse pivots.

Tip #4 - If they travel or lose their balance, make sure they start over and do it until they complete the drill correctly.

Tip #5 - It's best to perform this drill with a partner and have them spread across the baseline with their partner. This enables them to do many repetitions rather than waiting 30 seconds in between repetitions if you were only going to have a two lines.

Youth Basketball Drill #2 - Bang Bang

Drill Purpose

This drill will help players develop a quick shot off the pass. If players can master a quick and accurate shot, the defense will have an extremely tough time stopping your team.


  1. Position a player on each wing and one at the top of the key. One of the wing players will have the ball to start.

  2. The wing player with the ball will fake a pass to the post and then fire an overhead pass to the point. The point will then throw a chest pass to the other wing.

  3. The wing that is receiving the ball should catch the ball, pivot so (s)he is squared up with the basket, and take a shot.

  4. The shooter follows his/her shot and throws it back to the starting point. Everyone that was in the front of the line will rotate counter-clockwise to the back of the line.

  5. The process will start over again, and will be repeated until the coach feels the drill is being run correctly.

   4K)Bang Bang1
(4K)Bang Bang2
Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Be ready to shoot before the pass gets there. Your knees should be bent right before you receive the pass.
  • Provide a target with your hands where you want the pass.
  • Make sure your feet & shoulders should be square to the hoop as the pass is being delivered.
  • Don't just pass it in your target's general direction, aim for the target's chest.
  • Always make crisp passes.
Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - Run this drill in a clockwise fashion as well so players don't get used to going to only one side.

Tip #2 - If you're looking for a time frame to use this drill, set a number of baskets that have to be made before the team can move on to the next part of practice. This will keep it interesting while at the same time accomplishing the intent of the drill.

Tip #3 - The diagram shows the players standing by the three point line. If you are coaching younger kids, it might be a good idea to have everyone move in five feet (or more) so the kids are able to maintain good shooting form.

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