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Middle School Basketball Drill #1 - The All-Around Offensive Footwork Drill

Drill Purpose

This drill will teach your players how to cut, and when perfected, will allow them to get open whenever they want.

  1. Line your players up as shown in the top diagram. The player that will eventually do the cutting will always start with the ball.

  2. To get started the cutter should pass the ball to the top of the key.

  3. Next, the first cut will be a "slash and seal", in which the player will run to the elbow and then cut out to the wing. It is called slash and seal because as the player is making the cut, (s)he will slash his/her arm over the top of the defender's arm, thus sealing the defender from getting in the passing lane.

  4. He will make a quick-post up, then cut straight to the wing. It is important to get the defender on your back before cutting to the wing.

  5. The player will then receive a pass from the point guard, and will square up to the hoop, execute a shot fake, and pass it back to the point guard.

  6. The next cut will be a triangle cut, in which the player cuts towards the basket, plants on his right foot on the block, then cuts towards the elbow, and then back out to the wing. (S)he will catch a pass again, square up, and make a shot fake.

  7. The final step, the player will pass the ball back to the point guard and drift towards the baseline. (S)he will then sprint to the wing and make a back cut. The point guard will pass the ball to the player, and (s)he will finish with a lay up.
   4K)Offensive Footwork1
(4K)Offensive Footwork2
(4K)Offensive Footwork3
Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Fake a pass to the wing before the back cut happens.
  • Square up to the hoop by executing a reverse pivot and ripping their elbows past the defender's hands.
  • Sell their shot fake - make it believable.
  • Sealing the defender on the first cut is critical. Learning this skill will allow you to get open at any time during a game.

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - You never want your players to fake a back cut because it can result in a turnover very easily. Make sure your players know this so they don't try to get too cute with their cuts in a game situation. That's why we recommend the "slash and seal". If done properly, it works everytime and you won't need to fake back cuts, thus reducing turnovers.

Basketball Drill #2 - Three on Two, Two on One Break

Drill Purpose

This drill is designed to teach players how to take advantage on the fast break, creating easy baskets for themselves and their other teammates.


  1. Put two of your players at one end of the court, and the other three at the opposite end. The group of three should have a basketball.

  2. On the whistle, the player with the ball will start dribbling towards the defense, and the other two offensive players will sprint ahead of the dribbler, spreading out on each side.

  3. The player with the ball will dribble until one of the defenders commit to them.

  4. They will then pass the ball to one of the open offensive players on either side, and, ideally, a layup will ensue. If an extra pass is needed, tell your players to make that pass.

  5. The player who either takes the shot (make or miss), or turns the ball over will sprint back to the other end of the court and play defense.

  6. The two original defenders will become offensive players and execute a two on one break.

  7. Continue this drill with groups of five players until lay ups are being made with regularity.

   4K)Three on Two, Two on One Break1
4K)Three on Two, Two on One Break2
4K)Three on Two, Two on One Break3
4K)Three on Two, Two on One Break4
Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to...

  • Make a defender commit to you before passing.
  • Look up while dribbling; see the floor.
  • Take care of the ball - no turnovers!

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - Keeping the ball under control is vital in making this drill go successfully; continue to tell your players that staying under control is just as important as making the lay up at the other end.

Tip #2 - All young players want to shoot the ball and score a lot of points, but it is important for them to know that being unselfish is a key to making a fast break go successfully.

Tip #3 - A variation I like to include is:
No dribbling throughout the drill at first, then progress to dribbling once the players reach half-court. It helps break the habit of catching and instantly dribbling. After catching the ball, it emphasizes seeing the defense, and reacting to what is given to them.

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